Explore the world

together as a team

Explore the world

together as a team

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Bring your team together for an exhilarating experience like no other. Work as a team to explore remote locations and photograph wildlife and iconic landscapes with a drone.

Choose one of our stunning locations

Why fly NatureEye?


Teams that fly together perform together.


Expert hosts empower and advise your team.


Exciting destinations that engage and exhilarate.


High-resolution photos for your team to enjoy and share.

The view from the flight deck

The NatureEye flight deck includes everything your explorers need to share control of the drone, navigate to key points of interest, and take fabulous photographs as a team.


shows the drone’s height

Movement Controls


Camera Controls (behind slider)

Tilt and zoom the camera and take photos

Participant Panel (slides out)

talk and share control with teammates

Mini Map

shows the drone’s location

Battery Meter

displays time left in flight

Points of Interest

NAVIGATE to key locations

An unforgettable experience

Our drones are equipped with powerful zoom lenses so you can take close-up pictures of your adventure.

Team members share control of the drone’s camera.

Everyone can take photos throughout the flight.

Access your group photo album to download high-resolution images after your flight.

Share photos of your experience!

How it works

We’ll work with your team to schedule an hour-long NatureEye experience at one of our spectacular locations. Team members receive an invitation to fly, complete a brief tutorial, and log in at the scheduled time for a shared flight with their colleagues, along with an expert host and a copilot on the ground. Each team member gets a chance to pilot the drone and control the camera as the group works together to search for hidden treasures.

About your itinerary

Booking your team’s aerial adventure at one of our iconic destinations around the globe is simple.

One-hour experience with 45-50 minutes of flight time.

You’ll be joined by a host and a copilot on the ground.

Up to eight team members can participate.

A portion of proceeds go toward conserving the place your team visits.

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