Your adventure
begins here

3 … 2 … 1 … liftoff!

Piloting your own drone has never been easier.

Choose a location and book your flight

Complete flight training

(It only takes 5–10 minutes.)

Fly a drone with an experienced copilot and guide

Download and share high-res photos of your flight

Our drones are modern, lightweight, and fast

We hand-picked our fleet of advanced drones to ensure your experience is fun, entertaining, and safe. From high-resolution cameras with powerful zoom lenses to quiet propellers and obstacle avoidance, we’ve got you covered.

Auto Return to Home

When battery runs low


Moves up to 14 m/s

Obstacle Avoidance

Omnidirectional sensing

Thermal Camera*


HD Camera

With powerful zoom lens


weighs < 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Quiet Propellers


Safety is our top priority

We’ve built in robust safety features, so you never have to worry about crashing or interfering with anything or anyone on the ground.

Noise Mitigation

Our drones are equipped with quiet propellers and powerful zoom cameras to avoid disturbing wildlife or people.

Collision Avoidance

Omnidirectional sensing in the drones and built-in speed limits during manual flight help avoid collisions.


We work with each location to set horizontal and vertical geofences to limit the areas where drones can fly.

Guide Control

Guides on the ground have the ability to take control of the drone at any time.

Your guide is your copilot

A knowledgable local guide and copilot supports you throughout your flight.

Choose to fly the drone yourself or have the guide fly for you.

Gain local insight into the secrets of each location.

Learn tips and tricks about the best things to see the day you fly.

Think of your guide as an extra set of eyes (and hands) to ensure a smooth and safe flight.

A thrilling 30-minute experience

Your flight starts with a pre-flight briefing, where you’ll meet your guide and plan your flight. Then you’ll take to the skies, with full control of the drone as you explore the location for approximately 25 minutes.*

Pre-flight briefing

Meet your guide and create a flight plan.


Explore the location and its points of interest while learning about what you’re seeing from your knowledgeable guide.

Landing and wrap-up

At the end of your flight, your guide will help bring the drone in for landing and upload your photos before signing off.

*The drone’s battery life can be affected by high winds or extreme temperature, so your actual flight time may vary. The drone will automatically return to home with enough battery remaining to land safely. We estimate your time in the air will be between 20-25 minutes.

Capture and share photos from your flight

Our drones are equipped with powerful zoom lenses so you can take close-up pictures of your adventure.

Tilt and zoom the drone’s camera.

Tap the space bar to take high-res photos.

Access your personalized photo album to download images after your flight.

Share photos of your experience with family and friends!

Take control from the flight deck

The NatureEye flight deck includes everything you need to control the drone, navigate to points of interest, and capture incredible photos along the way.


shows the drone’s height

Movement Controls


Camera Controls

Tilt and zoom the camera and take photos

Mini Map

shows the drone’s location

Battery Meter

displays time left in flight

Points of Interest

NAVIGATE to key locations

Invite a friend along on the ride

Turn your solo flight into a duo when you invite someone else to join your NatureEye flight.

One guest can join your flight from anywhere in the world at no additional cost!

You choose when to allow your guest to control the drone.

Both of you can take photos throughout the experience and download them after your flight.

Perfect for friends, couples, or families in multiple locations.

Your destination awaits

Do you dream of a wildlife safari? Fancy chasing volcanoes in Iceland? Are you an archaeology buff? Choose from iconic locations featuring stunning wildlife, incredible scenery, and culture.