Tongatapu Island

Nukuʻalofa, Tonga

Tongatapu Island

Nukuʻalofa, Tonga

Soar above the lush tropical islands and crystal-clear waters surrounding the South Pacific nation of Tonga.

Depart from the shores of Tonga’s capital and embark on a journey along its coastline, venturing into the offshore waters. Explore the mesmerizing underwater world, scanning the coral reefs and encountering marine life, including migrating humpback whales. Immerse yourself in Tongan culture and history as told by a knowledgeable local guide, gaining insight into the vibrant island life and its economy driven by tourism and fishing. Hear firsthand testimonies of the community’s resilience in the aftermath of the 2022 tsunami, witnessing the remnants of its impact through scattered shipwrecks.

Things to know

Tonga is beautiful throughout the year, with water visibility typically extending 30 meters (100 feet) down. It’s in the southern hemisphere, with a hot and rainy summer and cooler and drier winter.

  • Dec–April: rainy season with hot and humid weather
  • May–Nov: dry season with the best chance of viewing whales between June and September.



Aquatic animals


Simon’s Place is an eco-friendly boutique hotel located in the heart of Nuku’alofa, the capital and largest city of Tonga. Experience island luxury with exotic garden views and enjoy Tongan cuisine at the onsite restaurant. With the best hospitality the kingdom has to offer, let Simon’s Place show you why Tonga is known as the Friendly Islands!

Meet your guide

Uinise Hoponoa

Born and raised in Tonga, Uini is NatureEye’s first female guide and drone pilot. She gives back to her island home through her work creating community development plans for rural areas across Tonga, collaborating with NGOs to build resiliency against climate change, and by introducing people to Tongan culture and history through remote and in-person travel. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, singing, and dancing.

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