Live virtual field trips
that engage and inspire students

A truly unique experience

Embark on a real-time interactive journey where teachers and students pilot a drone live on the other side of the world. African wildlife, Icelandic volcanos, Peruvian cloud forests, and more are all within reach.

Learning has never been so much fun

NatureEye brings the wonders of the world directly into classrooms with educational and engaging content.

Choose from iconic locations around the globe.

Students and teachers can take turns flying the drone.

Interact with local guides who also serve as copilots.

Safety features ensure the drone won’t crash or disturb wildlife.

How NatureEye benefits students


Inspire and engage students with interactive experiences.


Connect with diverse cultures abroad through cross-cultural collaboration.


Optional lesson plans and companion materials align with standards.


Capture and download high-resolution photos as a record of learning.

How it works

  • We’ll work with you to schedule flights at the destinations, dates, and times you choose.
  • Log in with a laptop at your scheduled departure time to virtually transport your classroom to the chosen location.
  • Take turns controlling the drone and capture photos along the way.
  • A knowledgeable remote guide is there to help you navigate and fly.

What teachers say about the experience

Hands-on STEAM education

The NatureEye flight platform includes everything your students need to control the drone, interact with the guide, capture amazing photos, and learn about science and technology in an interactive environment.


shows the drone’s height

Movement Controls


Camera Controls

Tilt and zoom the camera and take photos

Mini Map

shows the drone’s location

Battery Meter

displays time left in flight

Points of Interest

NAVIGATE to key locations

Enhance student learning with flight bundles

Purchase a bundle of flights in diverse locations around the world with themed companion materials customized to your grade and subject and built to align with standards.


Observe and explore wildlife around the world in their natural habitats while learning from an expert guide.

Snow capped volcano crater sunrise.


Fly drones over geological formations in different parts of the world and explore how they change over time.

Climate Change

Study human impacts on Earth’s systems and biodiversity through real-time exploration of climates.

Engagement at every level

We work directly with schools, colleges, universities and education initiatives to provide engaging content and experiences that explore the natural world. This can range from a single standalone flight in a classroom or after-school program to full curriculum-supporting initiatives with a range of resources to promote learning and engagement.

Bring NatureEye to your school

Unique and engaging experience for students

Connect with diverse cultures abroad

Aligned with curriculum standards

Easy to set up and use

Take a free demo flight

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