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NatureEye for Education

Education is at the heart of NatureEye. Explore and learn about the natural world and its inhabitants in a unique and interactive way while piloting a drone live from the other side of the world. Learning has never been so much fun.

How it works

Our education program works directly with schools, colleges, universities and education initiatives to provide engaging content and experiences that explores the natural world. This can range from a single stand-alone flight in a classroom setting to full curriculum-supporting programs with a range of resources to encourage learning and engagement.

Why fly NatureEye?

Nothing can quite prepare you for the exhilaration of lifting into the air in a unexplored part of the world.

Unique worldwide experiences

Truly engaging content

Real-time guide support and interaction

Socio-economic and environmental learning opportunities

Stand-alone experience or build into existing curriculums

Engagement at every level

We understand that engaging children is the key to successful learning. That’s why we will work with your specific requirements to build an experience that suits you and your children’s needs. From planning to resources to locations, we are here every step of the way.

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