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partner program

NatureEye brings low-impact tourism directly to your location.

We’re seeking partners who share our mission of using technology to drive sustainable tourism. We provide everything you need to get started.

Partner Benefits


Earn a valuable share of revenue to preserve your location for future generations.


Reach an entirely new audience through our awareness-building campaigns.

Job Creation

Employ local tour guides and equip them with technological skills.


Publicize your story and conservation efforts to an international audience.

Our Story

When the Covid-19 lockdowns brought global travel to a standstill, we witnessed the devastating effects on locations that rely on tourism revenue.

Our team of experienced serial entrepreneurs got to work imagining a solution to not only help these important sites to safeguard themselves against future unforeseen challenges, but also to make inspiring and otherwise hard-to-reach experiences more accessible to those who are limited by time, money or mobility.

Drone flying in safari.

How It Works

NatureEye™ is responsible for operating the cloud-based platform, setting up drone equipment, training guides, and acquiring customers.

Customer Experience

Browse website and book flight

Complete a brief pre-flight tutorial

Fly a drone with an experienced copilot and guide

Download and share high-res photos

Browse website and book flight

Complete a brief pre-flight tutorial

Fly a drone with an experienced audio guide

Download and share HD photos and videos

Partner Requirements:

Internet connection with at least 10 Mbps upload speed and <300ms latency

Electricity to charge drones and controllers

Secure location to store drones

Staff member to operate equipment and serve as audio guide

Our safety features

Our platform has robust safety features, including collision avoidance, noise mitigation, loss prevention, and ID verification. Guides on the ground can take control of the drone at any time

Noise mitigation

Our drones are equipped with quiet propellers and powerful zoom cameras to avoid disturbing wildlife or guests.

Collision avoidance

Collision avoidance systems, maximum speeds, and the ability for the guide to take control at any time reduce the risk of a collision.

Loss prevention

Horizontal and vertical geofencing prevents our drones from flying beyond a specified range or altitude.

Poaching prevention

In high-risk areas, we will offer government ID verification, IP address restrictions, and the ability for users to report suspicious activity.

Map of NatureEye Locations

We’re looking for conservation organizations, private reserves, and resorts in amazing locations. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering to offer the NatureEye service.

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