Explore the world’s most stunning locations

Fly a remote drone on an exhilarating guided tour above breathtaking wildlife, iconic landscapes, and historic sites while contributing to conservation.

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Fly a drone in real-time without leaving home

Welcome to the new frontier of travel! NatureEye brings aerial adventure and disturbance-free tourism from the most sought-after sites in the world, direct to your device.

Explore the World

All you need is a laptop and a bucket list, and you can visit your dream locations from wherever you are.

You’re in Control

Fly a remote drone safely and quietly with an experienced on-site copilot and guide. No experience necessary.

Give Back to Conservation

Up to half the cost of your ticket goes directly to the location you visit, helping to conserve it for future generations.

Experience places like never before

Your destination awaits

Do you dream of a wildlife safari? Fancy chasing volcanoes in Iceland? Are you an archaeology buff? Choose from iconic locations featuring stunning wildlife, incredible scenery, and culture.

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