Elephant Sands

Nata, Botswana

Elephant Sands

Nata, Botswana

Watch elephants and other African wildlife in the semi-arid savannah of Northern Botswana.

Set around a natural waterhole, Elephant Sands attracts pachyderms from all around to drink, bathe, and play in the water. Take off from the bush lodge and watch the elephants as they interact with each other, then venture off to the surrounding plains to search for roaming elephants, cape buffalo, ostriches, or the local pack of African wild dogs.

Things to know

Northern Botswana is currently experiencing extreme drought which puts immense pressure on the wildlife as they seek out water and food. There is a small chance you’ll see the effects of this on your flight, but your guide is always available to help you navigate away if you so desire.

  • Sep–Nov: Hottest months when temperatures can reach 100° F
  • Dec–Mar: Rain peaks during the summer months.
  • Apr–May: Temperatures cool, especially overnight.
  • Jun–Aug: Dry winter with cooler days.


Watering hole

Land animals

Elephant Sands is a bush lodge and campsite set in a private 16,000 hectare conservancy in Botswana. Elephants congregate at the natural waterhole right in front of the lodge. Elephant Sands drills boreholes to provide supplemental water for the animals as they traverse the land escaping threats of human-wildlife conflict, poaching, and drought.

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