Transforming conservation
through unique experiences

NatureEye is the first real-time
virtual travel with drones

Customers fly remote drones quietly and safely above breathtaking wildlife, iconic landscapes, and historic sites, experiencing an exhilarating guided tour while contributing to conservation.

Our Mission

NatureEye aims to revolutionize the field of nature conservation by harnessing technology to enable virtual tourism. This approach encourages greater participation in conservation and contributes to the financial well-being of conservancies while simultaneously empowering local communities.

Our Story

When the Covid-19 lockdowns brought global travel to a standstill, we witnessed the devastating effects on locations that rely on tourism revenue.

Our team of experienced serial entrepreneurs got to work imagining a solution to not only help these important sites to safeguard themselves against future unforeseen challenges, but also to make inspiring and otherwise hard-to-reach experiences more accessible to those who are limited by time, money or mobility.

Drone flying in safari.

Meet the Team

From experienced entrepreneurs to youthful coders, here’s the team that is making virtual drone travel a reality.

Change the world with us

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