NatureEye™ Launches Immersive Drone Flights to Iconic Destinations Around the World
October 26, 2023

Enables the exploration of nature from anywhere; revenue split with conservancies

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today marks an exciting milestone in the realm of virtual travel experiences as NatureEye takes flight. NatureEye provides a unique opportunity to pilot your own 30-minute drone flight at conservation locations worldwide. Participants control their avatars to explore and learn about the places they visit.

For the first time, consumers can remotely fly a drone in iconic places around the world, using the NatureEye platform to control the drone’s movement in real-time, navigate to points of interest, and capture high-resolution photos with a powerful zoom lens, all made possible by recent advances in drone and communications technologies.

“This is a paradigm change in the travel and entertainment industry,” said Matthew Rabinowitz, PhD, Co-Founder and Chairman of NatureEye. “Everyone should have the chance to witness the world’s natural beauty and iconic locations. NatureEye is bringing these wonderful experiences to life by leveraging recent drone technology, AI image recognition, and high-bandwidth, low-latency data links. Reviews during our beta tests have been super, describing an educational adventure for people of all ages.”

Whether you’re a parent or educator looking to provide an entertaining learning experience for children, a couple searching for a remarkable date night activity, or a person with limited mobility eager to access remote destinations, NatureEye offers an inclusive and accessible way to experience the world.

Customers can embark on flights with expert guides who provide stories and insights about each location’s history, culture, and significance. Guides also serve as copilots, helping to discover hidden treasures, search for wildlife with a thermal camera (in some locations), and fly safely without any disturbance. Participants will gain a greater sense of wonder and appreciation for our planet.

With each flight booked, up to 50% of revenue will be shared with local sites, supporting their efforts to conserve natural habitats and wildlife for future generations. In addition, partners benefit by reaching a global audience and accessing drone technology for anti-poaching and other conservation efforts.

“As a pioneer in ecotourism and sustainable development, Inkaterra is thrilled to partner with NatureEye and to be at the forefront of virtual travel showcasing the cultural and natural wonders of Peru to an international audience,” said José Koechlin, Founder and CEO of Inkaterra. “Our shared vision of uplifting local communities by making conservation profitable will help preserve these unique places.”

NatureEye is launching with flights at Machu Picchu, Peru; Elephant Sands, Botswana; Hverfjall Volcano, Iceland; Mekong River, Cambodia; Chyulu Hills, Kenya; and Dungeness Spit, United States, with additional locations to be added in the near future.

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About NatureEye:

NatureEye is a visionary technology company dedicated to advancing nature conservation through remote exploration of the world. Its revolutionary virtual travel platform enables customers to fly a drone remotely in iconic locations above wildlife, landscapes, and historic sites, offering an interactive and immersive user experience. NatureEye aims to inspire a global community of nature lovers to discover our planet’s rich biodiversity, while providing a financial incentive for conservation. Learn more at

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