Hverfjall Volcano

Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Hverfjall Volcano

Lake Mývatn, Iceland

Explore stunning vistas, volcanoes, and lava fields in this geothermal hotbed.

Fly over the enormous Hverfjall Volcanic Crater, snow-capped in winter, and visit the Dimmuborgir Lava Fields, castle-like structures formed during a volcanic eruption 2,700 years ago. Follow the continental rift where tectonic plates intersect to Grjótagjá Cave, made famous by a scene in the Game of Thrones, before flying back with a view of Lake Mývatn glistening in the distance.

Things to know

You may have heard Iceland called the land of fire and ice because of its dramatic volcanoes and glaciers, but it’s also known as the land of light and darkness. Long summer days allow for many flight options, while winter darkness and snow permit just a few hours per day of flights.

  • Aug–Oct: Mostly dry with chance of rain or snow
  • Nov–Feb: Snow-capped mountains with Arctic sunlight
  • March–April: Snow melts and daylight hours increase
  • May–July: Long days with midnight sun




Lava Fields



Filming Locations


Birkilauf is a boutique nature lodge and guest house situated in the heart of Lake Mývatn’s Laxárhraun lava-field. Family owned and built from local materials, Birkilauf offers accommodation in this quiet and peaceful area.

Meet your guide

Johann Thor Stefansson

Johann has been tinkering with remotely piloted vehicles since his youth, so flying drones is second nature. As a native Icelander and lodge owner, he has vast knowledge of the area and its culture, geology, and history. You’re sure to have an educational and entertaining experience with Johann as your guide.

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