Sibuya Reserve

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Sibuya Reserve

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Visit a breathtakingly beautiful reserve teeming with wildlife.

Located on the Sunshine Coast of South Africa, Sibuya is a nature reserve with lush vegetation and abundant wildlife. Follow the scenic Kariega River as it winds its way through a varied landscape of wooded thickets, river plains, and a grassy plateau. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo), along with 40 other species of wildlife and nearly 400 bird species.

Things to know

Take a flight at Sibuya and you’re almost guaranteed to see wildlife. However, the weather can be unpredictable, with gusty winds sometimes grounding the drone. While we make every effort schedule flights when the weather forecast is clear to fly, we do sometimes need to reschedule due to fast-moving storms or wind. We’ll always provide as much notice as possible for weather delays.

  • Dec – March: Summertime with warm days and occasional rain.
  • April – July: Driest months of the year as winter approaches, and a great time for wildlife viewing.
  • Aug – Sep: The rain increases and so does the wind, resulting in less predictable weather.
  • Oct – Nov: Spring brings the rainiest months of the year, but there are still many clear days to fly.


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Sibuya is an eco destination on the Sunshine Coast of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Guests are welcomed at Sibuya’s Reception near the Kariega River mouth in the small seaside town of Kenton-on-Sea. The adventure starts with a gentle meandering 11km boat transfer up the stunning Kariega River Estuary to the Reserve, setting the tone for the unique experience to follow – from the Ocean to the Bush.

Meet your guide

Michael Cunningham

Michael has been guiding since 2018 after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences (Botany and Zoology). He has always had a passion for nature and photography, and wanted to use his photos to share his experience of being a game ranger with others. He’s excited to be working with NatureEye because it enables him to share his “office” and his passion for wildlife, nature, and conservation with people around the world.

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